About CambiumData

Who the heck is Cambium?

A lot of people want to know who we are and why we do what we do, so I figured it would be best to simply write it out. Cambium is much more than a technology company that provides top-notch services to our customers, we are a family that truly cares about you. It seems kind of obvious to say something like this, but if you’re reading this you likely know all to well that many companies out there are only focused on making money and will do everything they can to get the most money out of you.

When I started Cambium back in 2009 there weren’t really any Cisco Partners in the Omaha area that focused on smaller businesses. To overly simplify it, I took my experience of running the Cisco infrastructure of a multi-billion dollar company and channeled it into an organization that would offer large enterprise solutions to small and mid sized businesses at a price that made sense.
The response was amazing and we quickly established ourselves as the premier Small Business Cisco partner in the region and even won the Cisco SMB Partner of the Year award from Cisco in 2010.

Due to our approach and the trust we developed with our customers, we quickly realized that the underserved technology needs of businesses were far greater than just networking systems. So, we quickly built a full service IT offering onto our thriving Cisco business and it has led us to where we are today.

Cambium?  What does this mean?

Believe it or not, I think the hardest part of starting a company was coming up with the name.  I wanted to have a name that not only represented what we do but also a name that described where we came from. Without getting too deep into biology, the word Cambium is a plant tissue that produces xylem and phloem that is necessary for plants and trees to grow into their mature form.  We as a company want to be the Cambium for your business so that you can grow into that beautiful mature company you are meant to be. I also have to mention that my last name is Underwood, and Cambium is Under the wood of a tree.  Hey, it’s the truth.

Integrity and my promise to you

If you were ever to ask me to describe Cambium in one word, I would say Integrity.  As a Christian myself I strive to live a life of integrity, and I also strive to lead a company that stands for Integrity because if you can’t trust us, then you shouldn’t be doing business with us. You have my word that we will always do our best to provide you with exceptional service and a reasonable price.  If you have any issues with our service or pricing, you can call me directly.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business.


Tony Underwood – President/Founder