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5 Ways to Avoid Cyberattacks while Traveling

5 Ways to Avoid Cyberattacks while Traveling

There are plenty of reasons why you might have employees working while out and about on travel, whether it’s for conferences, professional development sessions, or otherwise. Traveling with technology can be stressful and dangerous, though, particularly if you aren’t taking preventative measures. Today, we want to discuss what you can do to keep your entire team’s technology safe while they are traveling.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Traveling Team

There are many options available for on-the-road safety measures, and honestly, many of them are solutions you should already have implemented in the first place.

Protect Devices with Passwords

You should always keep important information secured behind a password or a passcode, especially if your device could be accessed from a public location or a public wireless network. All passwords should be unique and complex, a prospect which can be challenging without the use of a password manager. Thankfully, it’s quite easy with this solution in place. You can take password security one step further through the use of multi-factor authentication.

Don’t Use the Wi-Fi or Charge Ports

Public places that offer wireless access and charging stations, like airports, train stations, and restaurants, might be convenient for travelers, but they could also put you at risk of a cyberattack. Considering the volume of travelers they might see, there is no shortage of victims, and hackers are aware of this.

If you want to avoid all of this, you can pass on the free services and utilities entirely with some smart planning ahead. You can use your device’s mobile data plan to create a secure hotspot, as well as a travel battery that allows you to recharge without plugging in to anything potentially shady.

Keep an Eye On Your Devices

You never want to leave your devices unattended, as there is a very real chance that someone could make off with your data or, more likely, your entire device. It could also be infected with malware without the thief actually stealing anything directly from the device. In any case, nothing good comes from leaving your device unattended, so just bring them with you if you have to go somewhere else.

Keep An Eye Around You, Too

Data can be stolen even if there is no hardware stolen, so you’ll have to keep an eye on your surroundings, too, to ensure there is no suspicious activity nearby. In fact, it might just be in your best interest to keep your screen and keyboard away from any onlookers in the first place.

Implement a VPN

Use of any public-facing Wi-Fi connection could put your information at risk, because the network can be insecure and others could intercept your information. You can make using one significantly less dangerous through the use of a VPN. A VPN can encrypt all traffic that is sent from your device and the home network, allowing you to keep all data on it safe.

We’ll Secure Your Data While You’re Traveling

You shouldn’t have to take big risks while you’re traveling on business trips. Our technology solutions can help you keep your organization productive while secure, in-office or out and about. Learn more by calling us today at (402) 514-3200.

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